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Campaign Support Mizia (corneal transplant)

By Missionary Marcia Marques

Rejoice with those who rejoice , and weep with them that weep Romans 12:15

The Peace of the Lord to all , I would like to share with fellow believers about the disease of our 19 year old daughter , Mizia Marques . She suffers from an eye disease called " Keratoconus " , which in this stage worsened requiring surgery including corneal transplantation . Due to the high degree of advancement Mizia has lost total vision in his right eye and has only 44 % vision in his left eye . We are in a race against time before the optic nerve of vision lost hardens and can not be more correct even with surgery , so we came through this medium ( Internet ) launch a campaign to help us with the process of surgery and other procedures and postoperative treatments , since it is costly , since we raised the amount for the purchase of a cornea that costs $ 3,000.00 ( USD ) amount collected among the brethren of our Assembly of the United Church of God , which are also working through projects ( Lunch Charity Bazaar , etc. ) towards this cause . I would like to emphasize that our daughter was born and raised on the mission field , learning about love , fellowship , preaching that God heals , and now need to see this miracle , so we rely on your help to Mizia can get back to contemplate the wonders of the Lord their own eyes , reminding us that splendid phrase of Job when he says : from hear you know ... But now my eye sees You . Hereby you can make your donation through PagSeguro ( Billet , Credit Card and Bank Transfer ) .
greatly appreciate

In the love of Jesus missionary father .

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Direct donations to the Account
Missionary Marcia Marques

Bank of Brazil
Ag 2617-4
Savings Account 27422-4
Marcia Regina Silva Marques

Medical reports on Mizia
( written in Spanish)


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